SPUD The New Book by Steven Myatt

SPUD, an all-new biography of John Coghlan, large format, with 175 photos and close to 300 pages. £30.


“For a whole generation of long-haired, denim-clad boogie boys, Coghlan remains the only genuine Quo drummer.”

“Alan said, ‘Barry was a good bloke but a very average drummer. He was just a kid, like us. John was on another level’
“One evening, as the band were taking a break, John crept up on to the stage and sat on the drummer’s stool. ‘He shoo-ed me away, but I thought ‘I like this’.”
“A French rock critic, in translation, described John’s style of drumming as ‘unique, square and crazy at the same time’.”


To order your copy (or copies) of SPUD email your order to gilliecoghlan@gmail.com specifying how many copies you require and she will send you info on payment.

£30 per book plus P&P according to country. 


The perfect accompaniment to SPUD the book!



SPUD the Tee-shirt. How damn cool is that? £27 plus P&P according to country.



A large range of sizes available: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL.



Email your order to  gilliecoghlan@gmail.com  stating numbers and sizes and she will send you info on payment.