JCQ Re-imagined

John Coghlan’s Quo Re-Imagined

John Coghlan, drummer for the Iconic band Status Quo for over twenty years, is taking a brand new look at some of the ‘Quo’ compositions. His quartet reimagines the harmonies and musical feel of classics such as Pictures of Matchstick Men, Caroline and In the Army Now, and the result maintains the essence of the originals yet they are now imbued with a lighter, more lyrical touch with hints of jazz and even classical genres.

Kickstarting the change and dynamic feel of the music, is the choice of instruments: Power chords on guitar and electric bass are replaced by jazz pianist Alex Steele and double bassist Paul Jefferies and out front vocalising and creating searingly powerful riffs and solos is quite possibly one Europes most exciting jazz violinists – Ben Holder.

The whole package is presented by John plus the trio with great humour, story telling and pure joy for the music that set pop & rock charts alight throughout the world for so many years.